"The Dark Blue Book : The Who's Who of sailing & yacht racing."

Build your network contacts and do business with the most influential players in the business of sailsport.

Online Networking

We’ve teamed up with Powerblitz to deliver our online networking events. Each virtual networking event includes a conference – or keynote and conversations. No software download is required – just access to the internet via a browser. The page can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets. Users also need to be able to dial a US number – this can be done via Skype or other VOIP clients.

Sailsport Directory

There are hundreds of marine directories, but the DARK BLUE BOOK is different for two reasons. Firstly, it focuses on the people in the sport of sailing and yacht racing and secondly, it is edited and curated to feature the best of breed entries. Supported by social media promotion and distribution to our global communities, these listings represent great value.

Partnership Opportunities

The sport of sailing can boast a long list of luxury and aspirational brands amongst its sponsors. This is not accidental.

Yacht Racing, from Olympic sailing to Classic Yacht regattas and more well known events like the America’s Cup attracts some of the world’s richest individuals. It’s not surprising that brands like Rolex, Mercedes Benz, Moet, Louis Vuitton, J.P Morgan, Hugo Boss and Nespresso provide sponsorship for sailing events around the world.