Sailsport Directory

There are hundreds of marine directories, but the DARK BLUE BOOK is different for two reasons. Firstly, it focuses on the people in the sport of sailing and yacht racing and secondly, it is edited and curated to feature the best of breed entries. Supported by social media promotion and distribution to our global communities, these listings represent great value.

While the DARK BLUE BOOK contains contact details and inside information on many of sailing’s top decision makers and influencers, there are some who choose not to be listed. Our relationships allow us to introduce you to the rest of the industry – the 1% of hard to get to executives that don’t have Linkedin profiles or ‘guessable’ email addresses.

We constantly monitor the sport of sailing and yacht racing. Making sure that we know what deals are being done, which appointments are being made, what the opportunities are. Our clients include some of the best known teams, sailors and brands in the sport – all of whom trust us to give them an independent view of the industry.