Partnership Opportunities

The sport of sailing can boast a long list of luxury and aspirational brands amongst its sponsors. This is not accidental.

Yacht Racing, from Olympic sailing to Classic Yacht regattas and more well known events like the America’s Cup attracts some of the world’s richest individuals. It’s not surprising that brands like Rolex, Mercedes Benz, Moet, Louis Vuitton, J.P Morgan, Hugo Boss and Nespresso provide sponsorship for sailing events around the world.

The high-net-worth captains of industry and entrepreneurs that are passionate about sailing are hard to get to. Your social media strategy is unlikely to get through to these people.

However, by partnering with the DARK BLUE BOOK, you can suport the sport that these people are passionate about and you can get recognition with people who make multi-million dollar decisions and influence others.

Talk to us about how you can reach this desirable, wealthy, influential audience.

Partnering with the DARK BLUE BOOK

Since 2009, the DARK BLUE BOOK has been the only curated list of the major players in the sport of sailing and yacht racing. Since then, we have established relationships with all parts of the sport from medal winning Olympians, to round the world record holders to up and coming talent. We’ve also built a database of suppliers, sponsors, media, rights holders and event organisers.

Many of these people are hard to reach. While many are cash-rich, they are time poor. Many are also hounded by companies and individuals who want to do business with them. Supporting their sport and their passion is one way to get on their radar and build relationships.

Partnering with the DARK BLUE BOOK allows you to engage this affluent, important audience at a fraction of the cost of other B2B marketing activities.

You can partner on the following projects including:

  • Presenting Sponsor of the DARK BLUE BOOK App or events.
  • Preferred Partner status of DARK BLUE BOOK App or events.
  • Official Supplier to DARK BLUE BOOK
  • Advertiser
The sport of sailing has a wide and varied audience, but the sponsors that have been attracted to yacht racing over the years demonstrate that it is a wealthy and influential audience.  The DARK BLUE BOOK is aimed at an exclusive group of people at the very top of the sport – people with decision making capabilities. Our market is global, but a large percentage are in sailing nations like the UK, United States, France, Australia, New Zealand and emerging sailing nations like Oman, China and Brazil.

Our markets include:

  • Commercial executives including CEOs, Commercial Directors, Marketing Directors, Sponsorship managers etc  working for Events, teams and sponsors including the Volvo Ocean Race, America’s Cup, Vendee Globe, Olympic sailing, Extreme Sailing Series, World Match Racing Tour and more. 
  • Hundreds of yacht owners who compete in hundreds of events around the world, including many who own companies. Thousands of sailors who compete in the events described above.
  • Suppliers to the sport of sailing and yacht racing, both of goods and services.
While we have some packages that can be ‘off the shelf’ we prefer to sit down with you and understand your marketing objectives before we recommend specific activation options. Our inventory of mechanisms to generate awareness, leads and business for you includes advertising, promotions,