Sailsport Influencer Panel

Insights from the Sailing Business Network

The Dark Blue Book has developed an online insight community that generates qualitative and quantitative engagements with sailing influencers.

The Sailsport Influencer Panel is a group of highly qualified individuals who provide insight on topics that are important to the sport of sailing and the business of sailing and yacht racing more generally. Participation is strictly by invitation only. Apply for membership.

For Business

The insights, trends and analysis created by the Sailsport Influencer Panel are available to companies who have an interest in the sport of sailing and companies whose target market matches that of the sport. The panel can be used as a resource for the following areas:

  • Sales & Marketing – for digital campaign monitoring, product feedback and sales support. 
  • CRM – for ongoing customer relationship management and loyalty programs.
  • Procurement – for supplier management and relationship audits.
  • Sponsorship & Events – brand activation, ROI measurement, event feedback.
  • PR & External Affairs – ongoing stakeholder relationship management
  • R&D – concept development and innovation
  • Insights – customer journey, customer insights, concept and product testing