The App Project

Sailing is a complicated sport. The calendar changes from day to day. The formats change from season to season. The world’s best sailors compete for multiple teams, in multiple events in one season.

Such a fast moving industry doesn’t lend itself to a printed directory. While the Who’s Who of sailing and Yacht Racing – the DARK BLUE BOOK sold well in the years from 2009 to 2012, the publishers – Pilote Media – were watching new trends in directories, looking for a way to give the industry the most relevant, up to date information about the influencers and people to watch.

With the increasing penetration of connected devices from iPads to smartphones and the benefits provided by Apps, the decision was made to create a digital version of the DARK BLUE BOOK, which allows industry participants to update their latest news and information on the fly. Many of the key individuals in the sport of sailing also use social media feeds to communicate their personal brands and their sponsors’ messages – so this will be a key part of the DARK BLUE BOOK App.

The App, which is currently under development, will mesh with platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the news resources of media platforms like YachtRacing.Biz to give the sailing industry the most complete and up to date information about individuals and companies that define the sport as well as up and coming stars.

Partnership opportunities currently exist for firms who wish to engage with the decision makers and participants of one of the most desirable communities in sport. From Larry Ellison to Niklas Zenstrom. From Sir Keith Mills to Russell Coutts, the DARK BLUE BOOK App puts your brand in front of some of the hardest to reach business leaders in the world.