Who’s Who?

The sport of sailing and yacht racing is changing. Traditionally the domain of (albeit very rich) amateurs, sailing has seen commercial rights holders try to make the sport more professional – from the Volvo Ocean Race to the Extreme Sailing Series – there are more sports marketing executives entering the space, trying to bring new ideas to a ‘gentlemans pastime’.

The Dark Blue Book – the Who’s Who of Sailing and Yacht Racing is a community of industry leaders. It delivers the following products and services:

History of the DARK BLUE BOOK

In 2008, David Fuller launched the yachtsponsorship.com blog which aimed to communicate and educate the sailing industry about some of the practises used by sports like NASCAR and Formula 1. The website was an immediate success, bringing a level of analysis and commentary that had not previously existed, but the industry itself was still disorganised and amateur.

In 2009, Fuller’s company Pilote Media launched an initiative called the DARK BLUE BOOK – the Who’s Who of Yacht Racing. The idea was to publish a printed directory which contained the contact details and biographies of some of sailing’s most influential players including CEOs, Marketing Directors, Commercial Directors, Suppliers, Sponsors and Media.

The first Who’s Who of Sailing was published in 2009, featuring some of the sport’s top executives and participants. Over 200 companies, and 100 World Class sailors contributed their contact information alongside some of the sport’s most respected commentators and commercial backers.

The printed directory was a permanent reference on the desks of some of the world’s most respected brands, a direct line to the movers and shakers of the sport of sailing.

The directory has been revised, published and SOLD OUT in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and now, the publishers intend to bring the directory of the Who’s Who of Sailing and Yacht Racing into a new era. The database of the sport’s most influential and important players will be produced as a dynamic mobile app for iPad and Android – allowing the information about this dynamic industry to be always up to the minute, relevant and useful.